How to manage acne prone skin

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Acne or blemish prone skin can be a particularly distressing condition that can affect the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. It can be brought on by both physical (the skin is blocked with dead skin cells, dirt, and oils) or hormonal changes. Blemishes unfortunately do not discriminate, and symptoms can vary from mild to severe, affecting many different age groups that may suffer at different stages of life.

Heath Skin was developed to protect and nourish even the most delicate of skins taking inspiration from the beautiful natural world around us. Combining this with medical grade skincare knowledge, Heath Skin provides naturally targeted solutions to ease the stresses that modern life can have on our skin such as dryness, sensitivity, blemishes, and premature aging. Using the right skincare and receiving the right support can help enormously in dealing with acne prone skin. That’s why we’ve put together our top recommendations for how to manage acne prone skin and help prevent it.


1) Cleanse your face – gently!

It can be really tempting when suffering with visible blemishes to think they need to be cleaned, hard! Scrubbing viciously at your face or using a harsh / intensive cleanser can do more harm than good and, in some cases, even promote it forming in other areas (think moving bacteria from one blemish to another).

Cleaning your face gently daily with a suitably gentle cleanser is more than enough to remove accumulated dirt, makeup, and clogged oil. It can also be tempting to over wash your face, thinking that your blemish prone skin is somehow dirtier than a blemish free complexion isn’t uncommon. The Heath Skin Salicylic Face and Body Wash is recommended for moderate to severe sufferers to help clear blemishes from over your entire body.


2) Keep your face hydrated.

Many traditionally formulated products targeting acne sufferers are filled with astringent ingredients that can over dry your skin. If you feel that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling after cleansing, then that unfortunately could be you! These products strip the epidermis of its natural oils causing it to go into overdrive trying to replenish them, resulting in a cycle of over production and removal.

Finding the right one can be tough but the best place to start is making sure your products are alcohol free. The Heath Skin Dual Action Toner smoothes and improves skin’s appearance without over drying. A gentle alcohol – free blend of Salicylic & Glycolic Acid minimizes the appearance of large pores and is highly effective for dry or blemish prone skin conditions.


3) Take targeted action.

Sometimes blemishes need some dedicated treatment but before you go rushing in with your hands to do the job PLEASE think again. Your hands can add more dirt and bacteria to your skin and squeezing a blemish by hand can cause more irritation and increases the risk of scarring.

A much better option is to seek out a targeted treatment to reduce the blemish and provide soothing relief. Apply a dab of the Heath Skin Acne Spot Treatment to each inflamed blemish and allow a therapeutic blend of Camphor, Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel to reduce redness, swelling and minimise the risk of post acne scarring. It speeds up the healing time and prevents subsequent ones from occurring with continued use.

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